James Carli

Drug Policy and Sustainability Consultant

James Carli is a consultant committed to long term social and structural reform for the climate change era. He studied peacebuilding, sustainable development, and Security Council reform while a delegate at the Maltese Mission to the United Nations, and represented harm reduction principles at UN-Habitat's New York Urban Thinkers Campus in 2015 and the World Summit on Innovation and Entrepreneurship in 2016. He's also been featured as a foreign affairs and U.S. political analyst on the BBC World Service, discussing Russian intervention in Ukraine, North Korean politics, and the 2012 US presidential election.<br><br> Most recently, James was the development research coordinator at the Drug Policy Alliance because the war on drugs is bad policy that weakens the rule of law and institutions, violates human rights, harms national security, and wastes resources that should be put to better use preparing society for our future.