James D Tabor

Professor of Religious Studies at University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Writer, Researcher, Christian Origins, Ancient Judaism

James D. Tabor is Professor in the Department of Religious Studies at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte where he has taught since 1989 and served as Chair from 2005-2015. He previously held positions at the University of Notre Dame (1979-85) and the College of William and Mary (1985-89). His undergraduate and M.A. degrees were in Biblical Languages (Abilene Christian University, Pepperdine University), and his Ph.D. is from the University of Chicago in the area of Biblical Studies, with an emphasis on Christian Origins and ancient Judaism, including the Dead Sea Scrolls, John the Baptist, Jesus, James the brother of Jesus, and Paul. He has published seven books and over 100 articles, including, Why Waco, A Noble Death, the New York Times bestseller, The Jesus Dynasty, followed by The Jesus Discovery, and most recently Paul and Jesus. He is currently working on a new book: The Lost Mary: How the Jewish Mother of Jesus Became the Virgin Queen of Heaven.