Jamie Arpin-Ricci

Author of "Vulnerable Faith" & "The Cost of Community"

Jamie Arpin-Ricci is an author and a pastoral leader living in Winnipeg's inner-city West End neighborhood. He is also founder and pastor of Little Flowers Community, an inner city church inspired by Franciscan and Anabaptist spirituality.<br /> <br /> Arpin-Ricci is also an active <a href="" target="_hplink">blogger</a> and the author of <a href=";linkCode=w01&amp;linkId=3JRCXHP76RBYJRYG&amp;creativeASIN=1612615910" target="_hplink">"Vulnerable Faith"</a>, which includes a foreword by Jean Vanier, and <a href=";camp=213381&amp;creative=390973&amp;linkCode=as4&amp;creativeASIN=0830836357&amp;adid=0QRT3Y05G8B20VWTDWQ0" target="_hplink">"The Cost of Community"</a>. He has also contributed to several other books, in addition to magazines and online publications.

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