Jamie M. Carroll

Sociologist studying education, inequality, health and civic participation

Jamie M. Carroll is a graduate student in the Sociology program at UT Austin. She studies how organizations stratify individual behavior and outcomes. Specifically, she is interested in how educational opportunities shape long-term outcomes in health, civic participation and the labor market. Her current research uses the High School & Beyond dataset to understand how the curricular paths and academic environments students experienced in high school are related to their health and voting behavior over 30 years later. Prior to coming to UT Austin, Jamie received her M.A. in Sociology at the University of New Orleans where she studied the classroom environments of charter high schools. She received her B.A from New York University with majors in Journalism and Sociology, and a minor in French. Her undergraduate honors thesis explored the social construction of laughter in a New York City stand-up comedy club. After graduating, she taught high school math and science in New Orleans with Teach for America, which is when she decided to focus on education research.

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