Jan Shepherd

Transformational Coach

Jan was born, raised and has lived in Southern California for all of her life, where she has worked with foundations and non-profits in the areas of human growth and development, involving projects ranging from fund-raising to community outreach. She has two wonderful children and two equally wonderful grandchildren. And along with everything else that fills the life of a working mom, she also completed her Master’s program at the University of Santa Monica.<br /> <br /> But she has also yo-yoed between a size two to a size 32. She must have tried every diet ever invented and made up some on her own. Her highest weight was 350 pounds. Every diet and program only led to more weight gain until she finally learned how to heal herself through the techniques of Personal Transformation.<br /> <br /> She learned what works and know how to work it. She chose to love herself and to live fully. She has allowed herself to feel authentically. But she also learned that she is much bigger than her feelings - that the pain didn’t kill her, and neither did joy. She shed 200 pounds of stuff that wasn’t her and has maintained that loss because she lives a transformed life rooted in self-love, a willingness to experience herself fully, and taking responsibility for herself, her awareness, and her choices.<br /> <br /> She lives her life from a spiritual perspective and believes that all roads lead to God. For the most of the past decade, she has committed her life to helping others. As a Transformational Guide, she has worked closely with individual clients and families. She has spoken before audiences both large and small. She has used her trained intuitive awareness combined with her life experience. As a mentor, guide, and teacher, she has helped many to Transform their lives and experience all that life has to offer. <a href=""></a>