Jane Buckingham

President, Trendera, Author, 'Modern Girl's Guide to Sticky Situations'

Is there a difference between trends, micro trends and fads? Does the generation gap still exist? And why does it matter to you as marketers, employers and even parents? Jane Buckingham has the answers.

Jane Buckingham is the world’s foremost expert on Gen X, Y, and upcoming Z Generations. Having studied the generations for over 20 years she is able to help companies and individuals gain insights and actions around these difficult to understand groups.

Buckingham began her career by writing the book, Teens Speak Out, about her own generation at age 17. This started her on a quest to better understand and explain how young people feel.

She pioneered the trend forecasting field by creating Youth Intelligence, which she sold to Creative Artists Agency in 2003. She created and published the The Cassandra Report, the leading trend forecasting study which is used by CEO’s and Movie Studio heads and has become an industry wide standard for all things “cool.”

Jane has worked with numerous Fortune 500 Clients including Microsoft, Nike, Target, Chanel, NBC, Procter and Gamble, MTV, Levis, Sony and others. Jane combines research tools with trend knowledge helping companies understand how consumers feel and what trends will impact their businesses. With a focus on Gen X, Y and Z, Trendera assists companies, parents and educators in reaching the most sought after groups: Teens, twenty-somethings, kids, and parents. Building on over 15 years of experience, having founded and run the Intelligence Group and created the Cassandra Report®, Jane Buckingham is undeniably one of the foremost trend and youth experts in the world. She and her team leverage online and real world research to provide Trendera’s cutting edge services to help clients gain a competitive advantage. With networks of “Trenders” from around the globe and panels in each segment (moms, teens, tweens, 20’s, 30’s), Trendera accesses the minds of consumers to help shape its marketing and consulting strategies.

Recently, Jane has launched a new multi-media business in synch with the digital age. Trendera utilizes digital platforms to allow for more digital research to be used in conjunction with traditional research. In addition, Trendera has launched several websites and iphone apps for consumer use.

Jane is also the author of the bestselling book series, The Modern Girls Guide to Life and The Modern Girls Guide to Motherhood and will be publishing the third book, Modern Girls Guide to Sticky Situations in May 2010. She was the host of The Modern Girls Guide to Life television series on the Style network for four years.

In her role as author, independent consultant and speaker, Jane has been the subject of in-depth profiles in The LA Times, The Boston Globe, 60 Minutes, and Good Morning America. She has appeared on numerous programs including, “The Today Show” and “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” and “The View.”

Jane Buckingham was graduated from Duke University in 1990 with a degree in English.

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