Janelle Capra

I like to share the good news about your biz, brand or cause! Blogger, Broadcaster, Fundraiser, Mamapreneur and Founder, Capra PR

Janelle Capra is the Owner, Founder and CEO of Capra PR, a public relations firm located in California. She has spent more than twenty years working with media, non-profits and community-minded organizations. Ms. Capra started her career working in local television and quickly found her gift to “share the good news” to help organizations get the media attention they deserve. She often serves as spokesperson for various non-profit and social organizations. She was invited by Arianna Huffington to join Huff Post as a blogger in 2012 and now often blogs about Parenting, Working Moms and most recently about her mother’s dementia/Alzheimer’s. Janelle Capra believes in the pure power of PR to connect, communicate and create a culture of “positive impressions.”