Janet Ritz

Publisher, The Environmentalist Magazine

Janet Ritz is the publisher and managing editor at <a href="">The Environmentalist Magazine</a>, a nominee for's Changemaker Award and a journalist with articles carried by Reuters and USA Today. Her first novel, a cautionary tale, received the 2009 Green Book Festival Award for Fiction. Her second novel, the first book of a historical trilogy with parallels to current events, is slated for completion in late 2016. Janet is also a music producer, receiving Yamaha's International Music Production Prize (first place) in 2005, and a photojournalist. For more information: <a href=""></a> <a href=""></a> Follow Janet at <a href="">@janetritz</a> Follow The Environmentalist at <a href="">@environmentlst</a> Follow The Environmentalist on <a href="&lt;a href=">Facebook</a>