Janice Brown

Business development thought leader, founder of Beyond Law, senior partner at Brown Law Group

Janice Brown is the founder of Beyond Law and an attorney with her own successful law firm, Brown Law Group. When she started Brown Law Group 11 years ago, she began looking for an efficient, effective business development system to fuel her firm’s growth. She wanted an approach that would eliminate the uncertainty and anxiety that can get in the way of growth and hold people back from achieving their potential. There wasn’t one. So Janice created her own and Beyond Law was born.

She drew on her wide reading as well as her professional and life experiences. She used her system to expand her network, form relationships with decision makers and make business development a part of her daily routine. One day, Janice was invited to share her success story with a group of attorneys. She talked about how she had to change her way of thinking, she described the system she put in place to track her activities and she explained how these daily activities had become habit forming.

People lit up. And Janice realized that she had something powerful to share with her peers across the country- something that could restore their mojo and transform entire practices. What was once her personal system, driving Brown Law from a small private practice to 8 attorneys in 11 years, became Beyond Law—a transformational system for law firm growth that creates the mindset, provides the tool and forms the daily habit needed for business development success.

Early in her career, Janice saw firsthand the bottom line benefits of seeking balance in all aspects of her life. With a balanced life, Janice was more centered and focused, allowing her to increase productivity and grow her book of business while also authentically building personal relationships.

Indeed, Janice has come a long way since her days as a little girl in the wide open spaces of Montana. Her journey has taken her from the U.S. Justice Department where she was named Trial Lawyer of the Year to becoming a partner at the firm Seltzer, Caplan, Wilkins and McMahon. In 1999 Janice branched out from Seltzer, Caplan, Wilkins and McMahon and established Vantage Law Group, the predecessor firm to Brown Law Group.

Janice continues to stay committed to a balanced life. Professionally, Janice continues to grow Brown Law Group in between speaking opportunities and contributing as a law expert for TV news such as CBS, Fox, ABC and NBC. In her community, Janice is involved with the San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation and has served as Past President of the Earl B. Gilliam Bar Association and Vice President of the San Diego County Bar Association. To balance out her professional and community commitments, in her personal time Janice attends concerts, reads incessantly, explores modern culture, loosens up with yoga and continues her quest to find (and eat) the best popcorn in the world.