Janice Moss

Author and Breakup Coach

Dr. Janice Moss has certainly taken a varied and interesting life path, from Accountant to Real Estate and Mortgage, Broker to achieving a Doctorate in Pastoral Care and Counseling. She has put her varied experience into practice with her pioneering work with young women and girls, and most recently with her innovative writings on women’s issues. She developed a non-profit agency called Youthful Survivors of America, where she developed curricula and programs to support women and girls. Her work touched the lives of over 70,000 students in schools across five states. Dr. Moss received several community service awards, was interviewed on various television and radio programs regarding her work, and was often called upon as a resource for the Juvenile Justice system, Family and Children’s Services and various school districts.

According to Janice, “I find it very uncanny at times how people single me out to share their life stories, and sometimes in the most unlikely places (i.e. grocery stores, airports, doctor’s offices, parking lots). It is as if people can see something in me that gives them the courage and permission to let it out.” Incidentally, some of the stories she recounted in her books are loosely based on real people, whom she has met that have shared their stories about their relationships and how they gave up their personal power.
Dr. Moss now lives in Houston, Texas and is currently working on a non-fiction book series involving various counseling situations. The series deals with the patterns of behavior that adversely affect the lives of women.