Janice Van Dyck

Author, "Finding Frances"

Author and former corporate communications specialist Janice M. Van Dyck knows quite a bit about change, starting over, and making the best of new beginnings. Her novels explore themes of life transitions.

"The Illusion of Secondhand Smoke" (September 2012, Winston-Higgins Press) is a psychological suspense novel about a gay teenager in the 1970s and the friends who feel responsible for his murder. It's set in Levittown, Pennsylvania, where Van Dyck grew up, and explores the life choices that define us.

Her award-winning novel, "Finding Frances" (2010), asks the question: “How much control do we have over the terms of our own death?” It has been praised by the caretaking and medical communities, for which Van Dyck has been a frequent speaker and writer. Van Dyck’s acclaimed debut novel, "The O'Malley Trilogy" (2006), was praised by Writer's Digest and The Florida Writers' Association for its compassionate portrayal of the mother-daughter relationship.

Passionate about deep understanding, clarity and the art of being human, Van Dyck lives in Florida with her family and two dogs. Her website is