Jason Graham-Nye

Dad/husband/co-founder of & with wife Kim. Pioneers of Cradle to Cradle, Circular Economy product design

Known for his entrepreneurial success and vision, Jason Graham-Nye, a native of Australia is a recognised green business leader, and is the co-founder of gDiapers. With an eclectic background in business, education and world travel, Jason Graham-Nye has had a circuitous route to leading an innovative diaper company. In 2005, Jason and his wife, Kim, started the sustainable and eco-friendly diaper company, gDiapers, and have since been nurturing the company to expand into global markets. Jason and Kim created a business culture that allows parents to take time off to care for their kids, provides paid time off, flexible work schedules, job-sharing and onsite child care. After celebrating 10 years of gDiapers, Jason and Kim have returned to Australia to raise their family and successfully run their business from their Sydney home. Jason has a passion for disruptive innovation in product design, company culture and the venture capital world, and strives to inspire others to live a fulfilling life.