Jason Marks

Divorce Attorney

The most complex divorces call for the most skilled lawyers. When substantial assets are at stake, experienced counsel is critical. Jason Marks is an accomplished family law litigator with a unique ability to guide his clients with compassion and discretion. Jason represents high net worth and high-profile individuals in family law matters. He provides advice to clients when they are entering a marriage or when they are ending one. His goal is to help his clients protect their financial and personal interests and resolve matters smoothly and discreetly.

Jason describes his cases as business divorces because their financial complexities often mirror the break-up of a business relationship. He understands that the process of divorce can be painful and consuming, but he counsels his clients to keep an eye on the future. He helps them protect that future by managing their divorces with maximum privacy and minimal impact on other aspects of their lives and careers.

Just as complex business break-ups require skilled strategy and diverse legal capabilities, so do complex marital break-ups. Drawing on the range of talent within his law firm, Jason begins every case by assembling a team to assess each party's assets, lifestyles and needs. He then creates a strategic plan focused on protecting his client's long-term interests while achieving a just and equitable distribution of assets. If the divorce can be resolved out of court, both parties benefit, Jason believes. If litigation is necessary, Jason draws on his years of courtroom experience to be a zealous advocate for his client.