Jason Richmond

Chief Culture Officer and Founder at Ideal Outcomes

As the Founder and Chief Growth Officer of Ideal Outcomes, my ongoing goal is for the continual growth started with one objective - to learn from everyone and apply those lessons to my life. I've dedicated my life to understanding how I can better help others, and that’s why I’ve travelled all over the world. It all started with Dale Carnegie; I took the Carnegie course after three years in Australia and embraced the methods and philosophies behind it. I embraced them so much, in fact, that I dedicated my life to them. I later became a partner with Dale Carnegie because I saw the impact the program had on careers and lives around the globe. It was a genuinely enlightening moment in my professional life; a legitimate moment of clarity. This path led me to become a consultant for various organizations, acting as an HR partner as I developed partnerships for my clients. I had the opportunity to travel the world and work with amazing people everywhere. But why Carnegie? My passion is to learn and share what I’ve discovered. It’s to take away an experience learned from every situation and apply it to my life and the lives of my team members. You won’t learn if you remain stationary, and I want to learn and grow. My position now is a way for me to provide for people and make their lives better and I am able to do so by uniting individuality and fostering outstanding culture. I’d rather be a leader than a pusher because people respond positively to it. After all, if I’m not energized and committed, why should my team be? I am the person I am because of I’ve had the opportunity to be a student of different cultures around the world. I don’t see myself as a CEO. I don’t see myself as an executive. I see myself as a resource for my team and my clients. If I can’t serve them, I’m not doing my job. And if I can’t serve you, I can’t say I’m doing my job, either.