Jason Ritchie

Dad to Charlie and Sam, small business owner, and candidate for Washington's 8th Congressional District

Jason Ritchie has built his own small business from scratch over the last ten years. With hands-on experience creating jobs and a deep understanding of the struggle to get by that so many American families are experiencing, Jason is challenging Republican Dave Reichert in Washington’s 8th Congressional District.

Jason’s business, HandiHabitats, is a labor of love that grew out of a dark time for his family. When Jason’s father had a stroke, they feared the worst – and Jason left off teaching history at community college in order to help his father through that difficult time. With his father now limited in movement, Jason undertook the task of remolding his house for accessibility. Realizing how much he loved making his father’s house accessible to him again, Jason did it again for others. Since then his business has grown helping people across the west coast from injured workers and veterans to others suffering from debilitating illness.

The experience of building a business that not only creates living wage American jobs but serves the public gives Jason a unique perspective which he hopes to bring to congress. When Reichert joined other extremists in shutting down the government and harming small businesses across the country -- including Jason’s own -– Jason felt an obligation to hold congress accountable and serve the public.

A lifelong moderate Democrat, Jason was a double major in History and Political Science at the University of Michigan and later went back to school and received a Masters in History from Eastern Michigan. His education and subsequent experience as a history teacher and now small business creator and owner have convinced him of the need for compromise and effectiveness in our democracy.

The core of Jason’s life is his wife of 15 years, Amy and their two children Sam and Charlie who both attend Issaquah Public Schools.