Jackie Walker

Motivational and informational keynote speaker in the areas of self-esteem dressing and personal branding, author, lifestyle fashion stylist

Jackie Walker began her career in the retail industry as a clothing buyer and manager. Soon a unique opportunity to become a human resource manager in her branch of Federated Department Stores came available. She accepted this promotion. Fashion taught her the importance of an outside image and human resources taught her that confidence and self-esteem must start within. A few years later she left the corporate world and started her own consulting company Option Dressing. Today Jackie traverses the nation as a well-respected motivational and informational keynote speaker and trainer. Her two books with Simon & Schuster "I Don't Have a Thing to Wear, the Psychology of Your Closet" and "Expressionista" teach women and tweens how to discover their blend of internal fashion personas that enables them to bring their closets into harmony with their lives. Visit Jackie's world at