Jayneen Sanders

mother, children's book author, teacher, publisher, passionate advocate for Body Safety and Respectful Relationships Education

Jayneen (aka Jay Dale) is an experienced early years educator, author, publisher and blogger. She writes children's books on Body Safety, consent, gender equality and respectful relationships. She believes empowering children from an early age makes for empowered teenagers and adults. Her titles include 'Some Secrets Should Never Be Kept', 'No Means No!', 'My Body! What I Say Goes!', 'No Difference Between Us', ‘Pearl Fairweather Pirate Captain' and her parents' guide 'Body Safety Education'. Jay is Lead Author for the children’s literacy series ‘Engage Literacy’ published by Capstone Classroom, and has written over 100 titles in that series. Jay is importantly a mother of three daughters and has always advocated for their empowerment. Jay’s ongoing passion for the safety and empowerment of children continues today with new manuscripts and free-to-download Body Safety resources always in the wings. Her work can be found at and on Amazon.