Jay Tavare

Actor, Writer, Humanitarian

Jay Tavare is an award winning actor whose work over the past two decades with Oscar winning directors and actors has earned him accolades and respect from his peers. His multiethnic heritage, research and intense focus on authenticity helps him create unforgettable characters that he brings to life. Jay is recently exhibited his talents as a voice over artist for the prestigious computer game: -Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (Hideo Kojima, Junji Tago, 2015) as Code Talker, an ancient Navajo medicine man Jay's recent silverscreen roles include: -Bone Tomahawk (S. Craig Zahler, 2015) as Sharp Teeth, with Kurt Russell and Lili Simmons -The Human Centipede III Final Sequence (Tom Six, 2015) as Inmate 346, with Eric Roberts Some of Jay's most memorable on-screen roles are: -Off Track (João Paulo Jacobsen, 2014) as Pul, a Cahuilla medicine man, where Jay's character spoke entirely in Spanish -Pathfinder (Marcus Nispel, 2007) as Black Wing, with Karl Urban and Clancy Brown -The Missing (Ron Howard, 2003) as Kayitah, with Cate Blanchett and Tommy Lee Jones -Cold Mountain (Anthony Minghella, 2003) as Swimmer, Jude Law's Cherokee half-brother and fellow Confederate army warrior -Adaptation (Spike Jonze, 2002) as Matthew Osceola, the enigmatic Seminole orchid thief opposite Meryl Streep -Into the West (Steven Spielberg, 2005 mini-series) as Chief Prairie Fire opposite Keri Russell -Street Fighter (1994) as Vega, the devilishly handsome and lethal Spanish Ninja -Unbowed (Nanci Rossov, 2000) as the defiant warrior, Waka Mani *Winner* Best Actor in the American Indian Film Festival Jay has appeared as a guest star in several hit TV series: -Longmire, Dogs, Horses and Indians (2012) as Reuben Lamebull -No Kitchen Required, New Mexico (2012) as himself on the judges panel at the Mescalero -Apache Reservation for the reality show -CSI Miami season finale*, Going Ballistic (2009) as Manny Ortega As guest star on the CSI Miami season finale, Jay performed all his own stunts, including an astonishing 23-story free fall which earned an Emmy nomination. Jay often prepares and performs his own stunts when the role calls for it. His impressive repertoire of physical skills, including martial arts, dancing, acrobatics, bare back riding, archery and swordsmanship, gives him the rare ability to create seamlessly believable characters. Jay has a wealth of knowledge on American Indian history and culture due to his ongoing relationship and charitable work with several Indian nations. He writes a popular blog for The Huffington Post and has been a speaker at Brown University. Jay honors the Apache and Navajo people by traveling regularly to visit the youth and participate in their suicide prevention program called Honor Your Life at the Mescalero Apache reservation in New Mexico. Jay is also the celebrity spokesperson for Warming Hearts and Adopt-a-Native-Elder, a non-profit organization benefiting the Navajo elders in Utah and Arizona.

December 6, 2017

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