Joy A. Dryer, Ph.D.

Psychologist, Marriage Counselor, Divorce Mediator, Author, Speaker

I have used writing to organize my thoughts and experiences for most of my life. Now I write and talk publically to heighten self-awareness, mine and yours -- as a journalist [in my 20’s], as a Psychologist [for almost 40 years now], and most recently as a divorce consultant/ mediator [ last dozen years]. Currently I am in private practice wearing three hats: a) Clinical Psychologist/ Psychoanalyst working with individuals & couples; b) Divorce professional working as Collaborative Divorce Coach/ Consultant/ Mediator/ Parent Coordinator; c) Supervisor of Psychology graduate students/ former Adjunct Associate Professor of Psychology at NYU. I believe we learn the most by creating shared spaces and interacting with one another. So I invite your feedback to anything I post – whether you agree, disagree, or wish to elaborate or enrich a thought or experience on which I’ve commented. Please connect with me on LinkedIn, and follow me on Twitter @joydryerphd