Jeff Rose


Jeff Rose is a certified financial planner and founder and CEO of the investment advisory firm Alliance Wealth Management. An Iraqi combat veteran, Rose served in the Army National Guard for nine years, including a 17-month deployment to Iraq in 2005. In addition, he is the founder of, recognized by Kiplinger's as one of theTop 10 money blogs you should read, and author of "Soldier of Finance," a book that combines his military background with his financial-planning knowledge. He is also the editor of Currently, Rose writes for Forbes, US News & World Report, Investopedia and AOL's DailyFinance and has been featured on major sites, such as Huffington Post, The Wall Street Journal, Reuters, USA Today and Fox Business. In his free time, Rose loves hanging out with his family, tortures himself with CrossFit workouts and daydreams frequently when he can chow down on an In-N-Out Burger again.