Jeff Dorchen

Jeff Dorchen lives in LA where he makes art and noises.

Jeffrey Dorchen is an essayist, fiction writer, and internationally produced playwright. He has also served the theater as a composer, musician, music director and dramaturg. Born in Detroit, MI, he received a BA degree from the Residential College of the University of Michigan for a self-designed major combining Medieval theater and creative writing. He is often in Los Angeles, where he is branching out into screenwriting, though he resides in Chicago where he also works as an artist for a mural and decorative art studio. His screenplay, "Basmati Blues", cowritten with Dan Baron for Red Baron Films, Monique Caulfield producer, recently won a Sloan Foundation grant for scientific content. Dorchen presents his commentary on This Is Hell, a current affairs radio show hosted by Chuck Mertz; podcasts and info available at The texts of his essays appear at his website: