Jeff Pulver

Internet Pioneer, VoIP. Entrepreneur. Speaker. Investor. Recently dropped 120+ pounds without surgery. #WheatFree. Co-Founder, Zula

Dreamer, Entrepreneur, Early-Stage Seed Investor. Helped shape the worldwide market acceptance of VoIP; Story teller; Chairman Zula; Producer of #140conf.

Jeff Pulver is a pioneer of the VoIP industry. A globally renowned thought leader, author and entrepreneur. In 1995 Jeff defined "VON" to stand for Voice/Video on the Net and continues today to contribute words to both the telecom and social media vernacular. From 1997 to 2008 he hosted/produced the VON Conferences.

Mr. Pulver is the founder of Free World Dialup (FWD), the VON Coalition, Vivox and +others and is the co-founder of Zula and VoIP provider, Vonage. Has influenced the creation of numerous other startups.

Active investor in (early) early-stage companies with a specific focus on Israeli Hi-Tech Startups.

Jeff discovered crowd sourced motivation on Facebook and lost 116+ pounds (53+ kilos) from July 2012-Oct 2013. Advocate of healthy living.

-- Proud Achievement: The Pulver Order --

On February 12, 2004, Mr. Pulver's petition for clarification declaring Free World Dialup as an unregulated information service was granted by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). This landmark decision by the FCC was the first decision it made on IP communications to date. Now referred to as "the Pulver Order", the ruling provides important clarification that computer-to-computer VoIP service is not a telecommunications service. By doing this, the FCC delivered a strong signal to consumers and capital markets that the FCC is not interested in subjecting end-to-end IP Communications services to traditional voice telecommunications regulation under the Communications Act.