Jeffrey Abelson

Recovering Citizen Slacker

Jeffrey Abelson is a writer, filmmaker, and founder of Song Of A Citizen -- a non-profit, non-partisan collaboration of prominent thinkers and artists producing innovative films and web videos designed to spark a much-needed upgrade in how we-the-people view our role as citizens -- and to demonstrate proven methods for transforming ourselves from passive civic spectators into hands-on political problem-solvers.

He started his filmmaking career producing, directing, and editing high profile music videos tied into major movies -- from Ghostbusters to Terminator-2 -- resulting in eight #1 MTV hits.

In recent years, he's been developing music-driven movie and television projects with artists ranging from Dylan to Diddy (at HBO, Showtime, and elsewhere) -- while also producing, writing, and editing documentaries like Drawing Fire, a PBS film about Pulitzer Prize-winning political cartoonist Paul Conrad (narrated by Tom Brokaw) -- Klunkerz, about the iconoclastic hippie/athletes who invented the mountain bike back in the 1970's and built it into a billion dollar business and an Olympic sport -- and Following The Ninth, about the global impact of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, featuring artists and activists from around the world.

Abelson also writes regularly about the urgent need to re-brand the meaning of citizenship by using creative media to demonstrate proven methods for transforming ourselves from citizen slackers into citizen superheros.

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