Jeffrey Marburg-Goodman

Attorney, Development/Foreign Policy professional

On these pages, the author is writing for his own account, and does not represent the views of any other person or organization. Currently working in international development (counsel for an implementer of development programs around the world), the author served previously as Special Counsel to the Administrator of USAID, a senior Obama Administration appointment. At an earlier time, served for many years as the USAID Chief Acquisitions Counsel (Assistant General Counsel for Acquisition & Assistance), a senior career position. Most recently, in role as Special Counsel to the USAID Administrator, participated in the conception and implementation of the Agency’s USAIDForward reforms, creation of USAID's Global Development Lab, and expansion of Human Rights in development, among other tasks. While there, also served as USAID representative to the White House Policy Council on expanding international human rights, on the Aid Effectiveness and Contracting-Out teams of Secretary Clinton’s Quadrennial Diplomacy and Development Review, and as Coordinator of USAID’s Congressional Oversight Response Team. During the 2008 Presidential campaign, served on the Hillary Clinton experts’ advisory groups on Development and Public Diplomacy, and later on the Obama Development Advisory Group; contributed substantively to the Obama Transition on USAID operations and policy. In the private sector, has provided Democracy/Governance consultancies in the form of technical assistance and training to senior officials, members of Parliament, and technical personnel of the Governments of Botswana, China, Gambia, Ethiopia, India, Lesotho, Mauritius, Mongolia, Namibia, Nigeria, Rwanda, and Swaziland, under auspices of the International Law Institute (ILI), International Development Law Organization (IDLO), and USAID. Earned degrees from Amherst College and Harvard Law School, and is fluent in French.