Jena Booher

Founder of Babies on the Brain

Jena Booher is a mental health expert, public speaker and writer. She is currently pursuing a PhD in psychology with a focus on how to improve gender diversity in large corporations. Her company's mission is to keep women in the workforce, especially in the midst of difficult life transitions, so companies can save millions of dollars by retaining and promoting their TOP female talent. Not only do companies benefit from gender diversity by keeping women in the workforce, but so does the "family unit." Only 14% of women desire to stay home after their baby's first year of life, but 46% of women for one reason or another do not return to their pre-baby employer. Jena's research provides companies the tools they need to keep their female talent. This results in more women staying in their jobs, the narrowing of the gender pay gap, and happier and healthier families. Jena is a published writer for Forbes, Huffington Post, and Thrive Global. You can find more information on her at