Jenifer Fox

Author Of Your Child's Strengths, speaker, school expert

Jenifer Fox, M.Ed. is an international award-winning author, public speaker and a recognized leader of the Strengths Movement within our educational system, for parents and organizations that serve youth. She is also the Founding Head of The Delta School, in Wilson, AR.

Her book, Your Child's Strengths, Discover Them, (Viking/Penguin, 2009) with a foreword by Marcus Buckingham is published in North America and internationally in countries such as Poland, China, Korea, Japan and Bali. Jenifer Fox also appears on the DVD, Go Put Your Strengths to Work with Marcus Buckingham. (PBS, 2007)

Fox emerges with a revolutionary, fresh new perspective on the future of education when she says, “The necessary changes in our educational system are not coming from our schools, they are incubating in corporate America, and when these changes hit our marketplace, they will transform the broken system“. Jenifer creates cutting edge strengths curriculum for youth utilizing technology and integrated media. Ms. Fox bases her claims on her lifetime experience working with young people (25 years, with 16 as a school principal) and states that if we are to do one thing that will truly prepare children to face the future with confidence and success it is to develop their strengths.

Her message is straightforward. Education as we know it today is heading toward obsolescence. In order for young people to be successful in the future, they will need to know what energizes them, what keeps their interests, what their contribution is going to be and what they have to offer to relationships with others. Developing your strengths will be as important as understanding technology.

In addition to speaking to parents and teachers about children, Jenifer is an innovative CEO with an expertise in turnaround leadership.

Jenifer Fox has made dozens of live and taped appearances on television. She has been interviewed on radio and pod-casts, and featured in magazines and newspapers and has published numerous articles on education and adolescent development.

Jenifer Fox holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and two Masters Degrees: an MA from Middlebury College's Bread Loaf School of English and an M.Ed. from Harvard University. Contact: