Jennifer Kawasaki

The Magenta Emergency Nurse

Just an Emergency Department Travel Nurse, Writer, and Weightlifter helping America through their most awkward, hilarious, and heartfelt moments.  I am known as the Nurse with the crazy Magenta hair and have stories of people complimenting my hair before they have coded out; it's a fact. From Oakland California, to the Navajo Nation and many states beyond, I have seen all shapes, sizes, cultures, and creatures.  But one thing remains the same; there's a method to our madness in the ER and I'm ready to give some lessons. America needs a little more Emergency Department etiquette as our nursing shortage is incoming and our population soon to be doubling. I welcome any of you through those double doors, but don't expect free hugs if you're coming in with a Grey's Anatomy performance.   You may not like what I have to say, but I've got an army of nurses behind me that are wanting you to listen up. Catch me in the ER,... how bout dah?

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