Jennifer Todryk

The Redheaded blogger behind Life as a Rambling Redhead, spandex wearing wine lover, Master's Degree in Sarcasm, finds humor in all things "Motherhood".

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Hello, there!

I'm Jenn, the blunt, redheaded mommy behind the blog, Life as a Rambling Redhead.

I love wine. I love coffee. I love my two adorable baby beasts.

I have a Master’s Degree in sarcasm. (For real.)

I like to write about motherhood in a slightly different way, attempting to bring humor out of all situations. It’s my own little weird therapy and it relaxes me after a long day. My articles tend to not be sprinkled with roses, rainbows and all things sweet. I am just doing what I know how to do…. keeping it real.

On my blog, you will stumble upon some sarcasm, satire, wine pairings that complement your child’s crappy behavior as well as some “feel goods” that get thrown into the mix, gotta keep you on your toes. Reading funny articles that make me laugh go such a long way for me, so I only can hope that my blog can do that for someone else. Being a parent is SO stressful, I have to be able to make fun of the crazy situations my kids put me in so I don’t end up checking myself into a psychiatric hospital.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Merchandising, but you’d never know it. I only wear spandex workout pants and I loathe bras.

If I’m wearing mascara, then I am trying to impress you.

If all of this madness sounds intriguing, then please feel free to follow me on Facebook: Life as a Rambling Redhead, Twitter: @theramblingred, Instagram: theramblingredhead and my YouTube channel: Life as a Rambling Redhead.

Let’s be weird, drink wine and laugh about that baby vomit in your hair. That’d be real nice.