Jennifer Utz

Videojournalist covering the Middle East, former producer at 'Democracy Now'

<a href="">Jennifer Utz</a> is a videojournalist who has been covering the Iraqi refugee crisis since the fall of 2006. She was one of the first US-based journalists to highlight the extent of the crisis. Her first report aired on <em>Democracy Now</em> in February 2007. Subsequent reports aired on <em>ABC World News Tonight</em>, <em>France 24</em>, and <em>Current TV</em>.<br /> <br /> Jennifer spent eight months embedded with Iraqi refugees in the Middle East. She recently founded "<a href="">Iraqi Refugee Stories</a>," a website designed to highlight the extent of the crisis by creating an intimate oral history of those displaced from Iraq, who currently number five million.<br /> <br /> Jennifer was previously a producer at <em>Democracy Now</em>, the independent radio and television news broadcast hosted by the award-winning journalist Amy Goodman. <br /> <br /> In 2007, Jennifer co-produced a feature documentary about the Jewish-American academic Norman Finkelstein.<br /> <br /> Her work can be seen at