Jennifer Utz

Videojournalist covering the Middle East, former producer at 'Democracy Now'

Jennifer Utz is a videojournalist who has been covering the Iraqi refugee crisis since the fall of 2006. She was one of the first US-based journalists to highlight the extent of the crisis. Her first report aired on Democracy Now in February 2007. Subsequent reports aired on ABC World News Tonight, France 24, and Current TV.

Jennifer spent eight months embedded with Iraqi refugees in the Middle East. She recently founded "Iraqi Refugee Stories," a website designed to highlight the extent of the crisis by creating an intimate oral history of those displaced from Iraq, who currently number five million.

Jennifer was previously a producer at Democracy Now, the independent radio and television news broadcast hosted by the award-winning journalist Amy Goodman.

In 2007, Jennifer co-produced a feature documentary about the Jewish-American academic Norman Finkelstein.

Her work can be seen at