Jennifer Vanasco


Jennifer Vanasco is the former editor in chief of MTV Network's and an award-winning, syndicated columnist.

She writes about social minorities, national politics, and culture.

Her work has appeared in the Village Voice, Chicago Tribune, the politics site of WNYC (New York public radio), Washington Blade, Chicago Reader and the Chicago Free Press, among other outlets, and in two anthologies: "Reading the ‘L’ Word" and "I Do, I Don’t: Queers on Marriage." She was a commentator on several televised segments of 365gay News on Logo’s Presidential Roundtable.

The Chicago chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists awarded her three Lisagor Awards for opinion writing and Chicago Free Press readers named her best local writer. She is a former Deputy Director of Mayor Michael Bloomberg's Office of Correspondence, where she wrote policy letters to Cabinet members.

Vanasco graduated from Wellesley College and lives in Manhattan with her wife Jenny. You can follow her at