Dr. Jerrold Shapiro, Ph.D.

Professor, Santa Clara University

Dr. Jerrold Shapiro, Ph.D., is professor of counseling psychology at Santa Clara University and a licensed clinical psychologist. He holds a diplomate from the American Board of Medical Psychotherapists, is a certified group therapist by the National Registry and a Fellow of the American Psychological Association.

He has author of Finding Meaning, Facing Fears, (Impact Publishing, 2012) and other books, including The Measure of a Man; Becoming a Father: Social, Developmental, and Clinical Perspectives (Book of the Year, The American Journal of Nursing); When Men Are Pregnant; Brief Group Treatment: A Practical Guide for Counselors and Therapists; and Trance on Trial (Manfred S. Guttmacher Award for Literary Excellence in Law and Psychiatry).

His research interests focus on life transitions: the post-midlife transition; the transition to college and couples’ transition to family and fatherhood. He makes frequent media appearances to discuss men’s issues, pregnancy, intimacy, aging and psychological issues in finance and family businesses.