Jerry Jasinowski

Former President, National Association of Manufacturers

JERRY J. JASINOWSKI It is easy to understand why Jerry Jasinowski is sought as a speaker and frequent guest commentator on network and financial news programs. From the early days of Meet the Press to the many current popular cable network business shows, his insights on a wide range of business topics, especially the state of US manufacturing, continue to be valued. As the nationally renowned former chief executive of the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), as a current member of many significant private, public, and non-profit boards, as a noted economist, and as the author of two highly regarded books on US -based manufacturing and business, Jasinowski is well suited to discuss the most pressing business issues of our time. After retiring from the Presidency of NAM in 2004, after 14 years, Jasinowski spent the next thee years as President of the Manufacturing Institute (MI), the non-profit affiliate of NAM. Jasinowski received his bachelor's degree in economics from Indiana University, his master's degree in economics from Columbia University, and is a graduate of the Harvard Business School's Advanced Management Program. During the course of his remarkable career, he has held the confidence of five presidents, numerous senators, members of Congress, elected state officials, foreign dignitaries, and prominent journalists. Jasinowski is unusually adept at spotting mega economic and global trends as they unfold. He is often invited to speak at prominent industry gatherings where audiences enjoy hearing him discuss "what's next" and how to stay ahead of the competition. The author of The Rising Tide and Making It In America is bullish on manufacturing. “Our manufacturers have been through hell for 10 years, but finally they are turning the corner and leading the economic rebound,” he said. “It is critical that our leaders understand how and why this is happening, and do what must be done to keep it going.”

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