Jess Carbino

Sociologist, dating and relationship expert

Jess Carbino has always been interested in answering the eternal question of what do men and women want. As a PhD. candidate in sociology at UCLA, she has been fortunate to combine her work and passion through her research on online dating and relationships. Her research broadly focuses on sex, dating (online and offline) and relationships. In Jess’ dissertation, she analyzes what qualities individuals find most attractive in romantic partners using data from online dating sites and focus groups.

One of Jess’ major passions is sharing information about sex and dating with the public. Jess produces and hosts a weekly radio show on UCLA Radio called "Hook up With Dr. Jess" that delves into dating, sex and relationships from a fun and scientific perspective. The show is divided into segments beginning with dating news stories of the week, Hollywood report, feature stories, expert interviews, dating advice of the week and a crazy first date story. Experts include therapists, attorneys, physicians, dating coaches and authors.

Jess wants her research on dating to influence the online dating industry and works with the online dating site Three Day Rule to accomplish this goal. Through her work as Three Day Rule’s Sociologist, Jess has a firm understanding of how technology influences the meeting and mating process. Jess also heads up Three Day Rule’s date coaching service and is always ready to give advice.

Jess is a native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and attended Emory University. After attending Emory, Jess worked in politics on Capitol Hill. Jess has been quoted in multiple major news outlets, including The New Yorker, TIME, and New York Magazine.

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