Jessica Ly

lover of life’s miracles, student of flow and grace, teacher to one’s own wisdom, and embracer of the unknown

Jessica Ly ( is the author of The ABCs of Authentic Me: A Collection of Simple Truths to Change Your Life, teacher of Meditative Breathing, and a certified life coach. Currently, she teaches at Grandma’s House of Hope, a non-profit organization, holds classes at the Common Ground Spiritual & Wellness Center, the Marine Corps, and the Wounded Warrior Battalion West, both at Camp Pendleton. She has taught at the Jewish Community Center and for a LGBT group both in Orange County. Additionally, she is a trained doula and provides one-on-one Meditative Breathing services for expectant mothers. She also blogs for the Transcendental Meditation sites for women. Jessica’s greatest blessing is to consciously and continuously choose to practice the qualities that she teaches. She learned that by going direct with life, life becomes simple and beautiful. Her deep love is to increasingly expand a sense of flow and grace with others. She believes it is not so much about gaining knowledge, but living it moment to moment that leads to infinite peace and joy—and the empowerment of leadership and great change.