Jessica Joesph

Creative Director, Human Rights Activist, Blogger

Jessica Joseph is an award-winning copywriter who works at Accela Marketing. She’s worked in the Advertising/Marketing field for almost 16 years. Joseph preforms overall creative strategy, concepts, campaigns and presents them to clients. She also does script writing, voice-overs and acting.

While the company does work for private sector, where we truly shine is in public awareness, corporate social responsibility and development projects that benefit communities, youth and women. Our agency has also adopted The Upton Girls’ Garden Center, which is a home for abandoned and abused girls.

After dropping out of The University of The West Indies and striking out on her own at 19, in order to escape religious control at home, Joseph was hand-picked by Gerard Besson at Lonsdale Saatchi & Saatchi, out of 40 candidates attending one of their creative workshops in 1997. Within a year of her internship, she had won two gold ADDYS. She has worked with such brands as Johnson & Johnson, PepsiCo International, Scotiabank, TSTT (Telecommunications Service of Trinidad and Tobago) and Procter & Gamble.

Joseph has scripted and directed a low-budget 11-episode reality show to aid the Office of Private Sector Relations to encourage more Saint Lucian youth to become entrepreneurs. She has a screen play currently in production for the Growing Up Caribbean Film Anthology.

She lives in Saint Lucia with her partner of 16 years, Nicola Franco, also Trinidadian. Their life stories were part of a 2007, Lloyd Newson production for DV8 Theatre London called, To Be Straight With You about gay people in homophobic societies or who overcame homophobia.