Founder of, artist, musician, and social-change catalyst.

Founder of , J.G. Boccella is an artist, musician, and social-change catalyst with over 15 years of experience at the nexus of arts, education, and advocacy. He is a recipient of the YWCA Pittsburgh Racial Justice in the Arts Award. J.G. holds a bachelor's degree, in Visual Art, from Brown University and a master's degree, in Arts in Education, from Harvard University. He has appeared at The Consortium for Public Education, The CORO Center for Leadership, The Mayor’s Council on Youth, Presidential Classroom, universities, corporations, high schools, churches, and many other organizations, as well as on radio and television. He is grateful for the incredible FierceWomen in his life: his wife, mother, two sisters, and dear friends (and also to his 9-year-old daughter and father) for teaching him how to be a better man.