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Jill Krause is the voice behind She started it in 2007 when her baby fever became much more serious and turned into baby rabies. She's blogged her way through conception, pregnancy and life with three kids. Jill might best be known for her brutally honest, cringeworthy and mostly hilarious birth stories; but she also likes to blog about the perfectly imperfect moments in life, and all the moments she has to laugh at while drinking wine because the only other alternative is crying over spilled breastmilk. Vogue listed Jill as one of eight people to follow in your 30s, and Time included her as one of their top 140 Twitter Feeds of 2013.

According to Babble, she's one of the top 100 Mom Bloggers, and Top 20 Baby Photo Blogs. Jill also has a passion for photography, especially when it comes to capturing "real life" moments. Professionally, she captures those moments for clients through Jill Krause Photography. ( Jill graduated from the University of Missouri where she majored in Broadcast Journalism.

You can find Jill on Twitter and Instagram @BabyRabies

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