Jim Parry

Ranting Political Poet

I grew up in a small town in central New York where my first political experience, in 1956, was trying and failing to sell Adlai Stevenson buttons. At Harvard I was accepted by and (idiotically) said no thanks to Robert Lowell for his poetry class. My chief accomplishment at Harvard was starting and captaining the undefeated national championship tiddlywinks team. Somehow I graduated cum laude in 1964, majoring in Social Studies. I have been in advertising almost ever since, at agencies big and small; I started several, and have been freelancing for years. I have written advertising for the campaigns of liberal Republicans (remember them?) such as Gov. Nelson Rockefeller and Sen. Edward Brooke, for Robert Morgenthau's first election as Manhattan D.A., for Mo Udall and Michael Dukakis and, most recently, in 2001, for Mike Bloomberg. In 1978, a division of Harper & Row published my thriller, The Discovery –- it went directly to the remainder tables. I have co-written screenplays that were bought, but not produced, by Universal and Columbia. The father of three adult children, I live in Stamford, CT.