Jim Treacy

Former President and Chief Operating Officer of Monster Worldwide

Jim was President and Chief Operating Officer of Monster Worldwide. During this time he formulated and executed the cross-selling strategy known as "Feed the Monster," which ultimately established as the leading global Internet career portal and validated the online recruitment industry as a credible, vital and growing segment of the global economy. In 2008, Mr. Treacy was swept up in the backdated option frenzy and was charged by both the DOJ and SEC related to his time at Monster. He served two years in federal prison. Today, Mr. Treacy, is at work on a memoir. With his 20+ years of experience at the pinnacle of Corporate America, along with his time at the sharp-end of the DOJ’s ‘justice’ process, Mr. Treacy is frequently sought out to interpret the behind the scenes reality, from the public headlines, related to both boardroom and courtroom drama. He resides in Glen Rock, New Jersey with his wife and three daughters.