Jim Worth

Author, 'Final Audit'

Jim has had an extraordinary life since his auto accident 42 years ago after his discharge from the Army at Fort Huachuca, Arizona. He had an hour and a half legally left in the service when the accident occurred while driving home from the Army. At age 22, after one year of recovery at the hospital at March Air Force Base in Riverside, Jim began chapter two of his life and hasn’t looked back since.

Now, author of his first novel, Jim has accomplished many things in this second opportunity. After being released from the hospital he returned to school and while at the Veterans Administration Hospital in Long Beach was introduced to wheelchair sports; bowling, basketball—and wheelchair tennis while on the set of “Coming Home.” He participated in wheelchair sports for 15 years in addition to going to school and helping his wife Susie raise two kids.

Spurred by the bankruptcies of big corporations seven years ago, Jim wrote his first novel, “Final Audit.” It is a ‘mystriguing’look—an entertaining view—into the scandals and avarice of some of the largest corporations in the country; a fictional depiction of corporate corruption, executive greed, and death. Jim had been writing during summer vacations for almost 20 years before sitting down and completing this first in what is now a series of eight books for detectives, Dave Duncan and Stephanie Fox.

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