Jimmy LaSalvia

Dreamer - Outsider - Author - Speaker - Commentator - Humanitarian - Gardener - Beekeeper - Yogi - much much more!

Jimmy LaSalvia is an author, speaker, commentator, humanitarian, dreamer, outsider, gardener, beekeeper, yogi, and much much more! In 2014, after spending most of his career as a strategist and activist working in the political trenches, Jimmy announced that he had left the Republican Party and changed his voter registration to “no party.” His decision to join the new majority of voters who aren’t represented by either major political party received significant media attention. His memoir, NO HOPE: Why I Left the GOP (And You Should Too), was published in 2015. Now, Jimmy spends most of his time working outside of the traditional political party system to make our country better. He strives to find a healthy balance of activism, humanitarianism, and personal interests as he works to help people and change the world.