Jimmy McMillan

Politician and Founder of the Rent Party

Jimmy McMillan is a maverick politician, cultural activist, and founder of the Rent Is Too Damn High Party. As a truth-speaker and representative of the people, McMillan has organized his campaign in opposition to “politics as usual” which he believes has penetrated all levels of NY State bureaucracy:

“The cowards in office are either not courageous enough to cut off the hand that feeds them or they’re just not paying attention. Either way, they’re not doing their jobs.”

McMillan believes it is critical that citizens understand they’re being lied to by the very officials they entrusted with the power to protect them, and that through cooperative power and moral action the people can take that power back.

True leadership in politics, he believes, is about defending the dignity and rights of ordinary citizens, which starts with telling them the truth.

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