Jerry Chautin

Mentor, entrepreneur and award-winning journalist

After 30 years in commercial mortgage banking, business lending, commercial real estate dealmaking and entrepreneurship, Jerry became a volunteer SCORE business mentor, business columnist and novelist. He writes about business, financing, commercial real estate and authors related opinion pieces in local, regional and national publications. He also provides related content for websites, newsletters and blogs Jerry founded Trust Realty Funding, Inc. and also University Seminars, Inc. Trust Realty was established to provide loans for commercial real estate and privately held businesses nationwide. University Seminars was created to produce related conferences, seminars and courses in partnership with universities, and colleges. Prior to Trust, Jerry was senior vice president and commercial mortgage-lending officer for a mortgage affiliate of 8 banking institutions. He held similar positions with affiliates of Continental Illinois National Bank and First Pennsylvania Corporation. While CEO of Trust Realty, Jerry also consulted with Citigroup Geneva Capital Strategies, Strategic M/A and other investment bankers doing mergers and acquisitions. In that role, he gave periodic workshops nationwide and advised owners of privately-held, small and middle-market companies about their evaluations, and selling their companies to maximize their profit. The U.S. Small Business Administration named him its 2006 national "Small Business Journalist of the Year." The awards ceremonies were at the White House and State Department during Small Business Week. For closing creative financial transactions, Jerry received the "Deal of the Year" award from National Association of Mortgage Brokers. He was given the "Most Innovative Programming" award by Georgia Adult Education Association for a series of business, financing and real estate conferences he created for Georgia Tech's College of Management. Jerry advised the City of Atlanta's finance agency on its first tax exempt, multifamily bond issue. It was also the first, Fannie Mae credit-enhanced, multifamily bond issue. He was a member of the advisory council for the Atlanta Mortgage Consortium, a nonprofit housing corporation. It was sponsored and funded by Georgia banks to finance homes for low-income families. He was a member of the advisory committee for the Georgia Housing and Finance Authority. It issues tax-exempt bonds and allocates of tax credits for financing residential and commercial real estate in Georgia. Jerry has been selected as keynote speaker, conference chairman and workshop leader at universities, colleges and trade association conferences. He was a member of the National Speakers Association, Georgia Adult Education Association and other real estate and financial trade associations. Jerry has been the author and subject of numerous articles in national and business trade publications on subjects pertaining to real estate, financing and business. He has been guest speaker on radio and TV and often quoted on current business issues. During his career, Jerry was an active member of most trade associations pertaining to multifamily and commercial real estate and banking. Additionally, I was a member of the Mortgage Bankers Association, National Mortgage Brokers Association and National Speakers Association. Jerry received his education at the University of Florida and Hunter College of New York. Additionally, he attended the School of Mortgage Banking at Northwestern University, Downtown Chicago. Online: Venture Capital Financing from University of Maryland, Financial Markets taught by nobelaureate economist Prof. Robert Shiller, PhD at Yale University. Attended and taught many courses about commercial real estate and financing