J-L Cauvin

Comedian. Former Attorney. Tall. Working Hard. Failing Harder.

In February 2003, halfway through law school, J-L went to a bar near his apartment and watched an amateur showcase of comedians. J-L began inquiring how he could get some stage time and after following some leads he began performing at open mics at the end of that academic year. Quickly developing a knack for it, J-L was named Washington, D.C.’s funniest college student, despite actually being a law student at Georgetown, in March 2004 at a sold out show at the D.C. Improv. After moving back to New York upon graduation in May 2004, J-L continued to work harder and harder as a comic, all while working as an Assistant District Attorney during the day in the Bronx. After leaving the DA's office, but before pursuing comedy full time, J-L also did some work in private practice where he learned two things: that he really did not enjoy the law and that he was actually the office “black guy." He has received multiple invitations to the Washington, D.C. and Boston Comedy Festivals, traveled the country as a feature act and was featured on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson and NESN’s Comedy All Stars. However, he can still be found most nights bitching about something in the back room of a bar or the basement of a taco restaurant on stage for 5-8 minutes. He fully intends to not keep it real the day he makes it big.

J-L’s act is incredibly diverse and has led to three CD releases: 2006's Racial Chameleon, 2008's Diamond Maker and 2012's Too Big To Fail. He has also been featured in The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Jokes and is a founding member of Comedians At Law. To this day J-L gets told he looks like lots of celebrities, including Barack Obama, which has improved J-L’s luck with the ladies, especially promiscuous, politically liberal women with bad eyesight.