Jerry and Joe Long

Comedy, political satire, and interpretive dance.

Jerry & Joe Long are comedians/satirists. You can find all their stuff at: They've written, directed, and performed their own sketch comedy show on RCN cable; a weekly radio show of religion, politics & sex on 50,000 watt WPHT 1210AM in Philadelphia; and been Op-Ed contributors to the Philadelphia Inquirer. With Adam McKay, they co-wrote Will Ferrell's Global Warmin' Talk for the TBS special "Earth To America", and WhiteHouseWest, and contributed to "You're Welcome America". They've sold screenplays and hope to get some made into what used to be called "motion pictures". Among their idols are Graham Chapman, Servais LeRoy, John Lennon, Julius Erving, Gore Vidal, and the originator of the padded resume.