Joam Evans Pim

Director, Center for Global Nonkilling

Joám followed graduate and undergraduate studies in Journalism, Anthropology and Politics (Peace Studies). He served as CGNK Communication (2008-2009) and Research (2009-2011) Team Leader and had previously collaborated with the Strategic Planning Committee formed in 2008 to develop the organization. Edited volumes include Global Nonkilling Leadership (2008, with Glenn Paige), Toward a Nonkilling Paradigm (2009), Nonkilling Societies (2010), Engineering Nonkilling (2011), Nonkilling Psychology (2012, with Dan Christie), Nonkilling Futures (2012, with Jim Dator) and Nonkilling Security and the State (2013). He also authored the entry on nonkilling in The Oxford International Encyclopedia of Peace (2010). Before working for CGNK he lectured at the University of Santiago de Compostela and directed the Galizan Institute for International Security and Peace Studies.

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