Joanna Corzo Perovic

Social development and communications consultant, with focus in Latin America human rights, gender and migration. Curious minded women and great conversations craver.

Growing up as part of a multi-cultural family allowed me to look beyond the day- to- day life in my country and question the informal norms in society that created so many impediments for women to reach our goals. Particularly witnessing the pervasive inequality in society between the poor and the privileged, the indigenous and non –indigenous on a day-to-day basis had a profound impact on me and influenced me to stand strong for women’s rights and indigenous rights. I majored in Political Science and Latin American studies for my undergraduate years and obtained a M.Sc. in International Development studies focused on urbanization, gender and migration from the London School of Economics. My past roles include from anti-trafficking efforts in the US and program support in conflict areas to strategic communications for global development often interacting with governments and civil society. Having navigated both, the last community of the Ashaninka tribes in the Amazon and the General Assembly Hall of the U.N., I realize that, beyond all our political, religious, academic or cultural differences that appear to divide us, we are looking for the same human connection, dignity, and a fulfilling life. I like to convey this human touch and meaningful journey in my writing, so others can relate to it no matter how foreign the topic may initially appear to them.