Joanna Stefanska Hafenmayer

Managing Director, MyImpact

Joanna Stefanska Hafenmayer is the Managing Director of MyImpact , an organization focusing on helping leaders to realize meaningful careers through coaching and seminars, as well as assessment tools and publications.

An expert in the development of corporate responsible leadership programs, Joanna is also a member of the Board of Obu - the Swiss think-tank for business and sustainability - and leads the Responsible Corporate Leadership (RECOL) Forum, a group of innovative global enterprises in this area.

Prior to 2012, she was a member of Microsoft Switzerland's Executive Board as their Innovation & Sustainability Officer, where she focused mainly on the impact of information technologies in the social and environmental context.

Joanna holds a degree in Business Administration at the University of St Gallen, Switzerland, as well as International Relations, and has previously worked in the telecommunications industry, for the Swiss Agency of Economic Affairs and as a Marketing Manager at Microsoft. As a First Movers Fellow of the Aspen Institute, Joanna was selected as an exceptional business innovator.

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