Jocelyn Greenky

Office Culture and Politics Expert

Jocelyn Greenky is a renowned, accomplished office culture and politics expert, who has a deep understanding of issues that cause consternation for organizations and employees alike. From generational dynamics, politics, and culture to leadership, productivity and coaching, her expertise was built through real-life, practical, trial and error experience interacting closely with global C-Suite leaders, executives at all levels, and those in the creative field, not from studying outdated tomes by academics who have never worked in the corporate world. As the co-author of the fun and informative, Simon & Schuster international best-seller, The Big Sister’s Guide to the World of Work: The Inside Rules Every Working Girl Must Know, columnist for The Huffington Post, and highly sought-after speaker for Fortune 500 companies and leading universities (including Viacom, Kraft, General Foods, NYU, Syracuse, Drexel, Villanova, and Columbia) Jocelyn provides consultation and guidance to companies, executives and those rising in their career or transitioning back into the workforce on all things Workplace. She preaches three keys to workplace success: Management of Generational Dynamics Knowledge and understanding of various cultures in the Global Workplace Expertise in office politics She graduated from Syracuse University with a B.S. in Speech Communications from the Visual Performing Arts School. She is an Adjunct Professor at Mercy College and working towards her M.S. in Organizational Leadership in the Business School. She is a mentor with Everwise, Women of Tomorrow, AOL, YearUp and Columbia for over a decade. She has been featured in NYTimes, USA Today, Fox, CNBC, CNN, Fast Company, Washington Post, NY Post among others media outlets.