Jodie Rogers

Empowerment Coach, Facilitator & International Speaker

For 15 years it has been Jodie’s business to understand what makes people tick, and to use that learning to help people be more engaged in their work, feel more empowered and so become more productive for the business they’re in. She works mainly in large multinational corporations and regularly for individual career-builders and career-changers. She is an independent human behaviour consultant, an employee engagement and teambuilding skills trainer and workshop facilitator, a professional development coach, and, her original discipline at Unilever, a seasoned brand and consumer behaviour researcher. Jodie also runs a motivational speaking and communications skills business. Since 2015 she has been a Visiting Professor of Professional Development at Berklee College of Music in Valencia. As well as 7 years at Unilever as a consumer behaviour researcher and senior global insights manager, Jodie has worked closely with British Airways, Virgin Media, Reckitt Benckiser and Barclays and other large corporations. She’s guided their teams on how to understand the psychology of decision making, influence and communication and how to use this to understand consumer behaviour and apply it to the business. In other words, how to understand the human mind, how we interact, what motivates us and what holds us back. She’s has conducted such strategic understanding in 21 countries across six continents.